Monday, June 25, 2012

Civilization again


I am back to civilization. Haha. I have a lot in my mind, but I don't know where I should start. Exam is over and I am back to staying in my brother's house.

Boss want to fill up the form and go for the interview again. As usual, the 'hardworking and excited' part of me still haven't appear. Therefore until now I still haven't go for the interview. Life is great now, stress free and no limitation in my sleeping routine. Just that, sometime my mind got the flash of how my examination result will be. Remember 'The Secret', I've gotta think positive! POSITIVE! The GOOD AURA will come to me! The Universe can hear me.


Good day to everyone!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Did he even care

No birthday present. No anniversary present. Nothing. Fullstop.   :(

Monday, February 13, 2012

My appreciation

I am truly happy. I would like to thank god for listening to my prayers and universe for fulfilling my wishes.
'The Secret' book is really helpful. I must keep thinking and saying my wishes everyday because the universe can hear us. We must have positive thinking.

Secondly, thanks to my family. Especially to my lovely mother who keep supporting me, when I was stress and cried to complain about studies. The final exam pressure was really urghhh. I'm glad it was over for right now. And there's 5 more. Thank you to my awesome sister who keep encouraged me and gave me good advice. Much thanks to father, brother and my nephew. He makes me keep going on to finish the final so that I can see him soon.

Thirdly, my other half. Erm.. Although you are sucks in giving motivation, but thanks for cheered me up and be there for me when I freaked out. Thanks for the salty chicken curry and egg curry(which was without eggs lol) during exam week. Lol but I still love it.

Last but not least, thanks to my friends for giving me so much fun and competition in doing better.

So, I must maintain my result for the coming semesters.

A very good piece of advice from my sister,
'[2/13/2012 10:30:49 AM] : the most important thing in uni life is that you learn and have fun at the same time ok?' :) 

Yes it is true. I have to remain calm and relax. That's the most important because I knew, if I am relax and calm, I can do it much better and everything will turn out well. :)