Saturday, February 27, 2010


Have you ever wondered why some people are born to be handsome, beautiful, ugly, smart, dumb, tall, short, slim, fat, rich and poor?

Indeed, I always think about this. I always compared myself with the others. I know, not all people are perfect. God is the most perfect creature. Sometimes I will become jealous with people who are smarter than me. He/she will always got better results than me. Then, I became really determined wants to beat him/her. But somehow, each and everyone of us have our own limits. No matter how hard you try, you just can't beat them. If such incident happened, I will try to comfort myself. I will think like this, maybe his/her academic result is better than me, but never mind, at least I am more good looking than him/her. *giggles*
Some people are born to be smart, but they are ugly.
Some people are born to be dumb, but they are good looking.

But, have you ever met a person who is good looking, yet he/she is really smart, rich and active in sports too?
He/she also has such a nice body shape and height. To be honest, I am jealous. How about you? I wondered why there are people out there who are almost perfect? Perfect...


  1. wao ..good tis article...i like it..i very impress your confident always want to beat those better than u. this is wat i lack...But time is the best cure.So, maybe ten years later , u see me is a full of confindent and leng lui gal infront of u ..hahah

  2. thank you. i already see u as a beautiful girl. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :) i hope we still keep in touch for the next ten years.