Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hyper active Pakcik!

Last Saturday, I went out with Pakcik Ta and Intan. Pakcik Ta fetched me around 10.30pm. I told my mum that I will go out with a pakcik. She was surprised and asked me why :p I told her that Intan will follow too and Pakcik Ta wanted to treat us movie. My mum must had a lot of negative thinking in her mind. She was reluctant to let me go. She told me not to be greedy and drink and eat whatever that pakcik treat. Hehehe. She must thought that pakcik wanted to 'eat' me. LOL. Then that pakcik fetched me first. My mum lagi la bertambah risau. When I was in his car, I had to break the silence. So I asked him billion of questions while we were on the way to Intan's house.

Once we reached Intan's house, I sat at the back. My mum called me and she said she wanted to talk with Intan. I don't want to pass my phone to her. What will that pakcik think right. I told my mum I was with Intan. She was suspicious and asked me, "U didn't lie to me right?" and yeah of course I did not lie to you.

I almost fall asleep. He drove so slow around 80km/h and suddenly 110km/h. Zzz. Intan la had to talk with him. I remained silent.

At last, we arrived at Dataran :') HAHAHA! We were looking for the best stall to eat. Once we sat down, the people there stared at us. They gave us the mischievous look. Their impression were like we're with our sugar dad. Wtf! I wanted to dig a hole and hide inside.

Afterwards, we went to gerbang malam. As usual, the guys there will usik-usik us. Aciwah, 'as usual' haha macam kita ni hot sangat. HAHA. Anyway, we accompanied him walked around there. When guys saw us with pakcik, they kept quiet and weren't dare to 'usik-usik' us. And once again, they gave us the 'girls with sugar dad look'. Wtf wtf.

We went back to KK at 2am. I was very sleepy already. I miss my bed very much. Pakcik Ta forgot to send Intan. Then its ok, she can sleepover at my house. But instead of sending me back home, he drove to Jambatan sayong. He wanted to watch mat rempit racing. I was devastated. Luckily, there were no people there. Only people who went there for fishing. Yay, I can go back home! He wanted to go benteng afterwards to had supper. He said he was hungry. Once again, my heart sank! Sorry bed, I can't sleep on you. Yay, benteng tutup! Wuhuuu.. Finally I can go back home. I was very very sleepy. But....
he drove to Jimboy. He said "makan kejap la ya". I was so pissed off! But I calmed myself down and kept reminding myself that tak apa la, teman je dia makan. He already treat us.

I reached home at 3.30am I think. Very exhausted. I had to wake up at 8.30am the next day :(
Went to ipoh again with my Intan, Muiz and Fatimah. All of us were damn tired, but we still went to flee market to check out those vinyl stuff. We met Pakcik Ta there and he treat us lunch. Yay! Most of us were broke and suddenly got people want to treat us makan! :D Four of us went back KK with a full stomachs and happy faces.

Around 3.30pm, Intan and I went to Ipoh again to send her sister to Medan Gopeng. Accompanied her to buy leggings. We reached KK around 7.30pm.

Ulang alik ulang alik. Sangat memenatkan. Maklum la, dah tua dah kita ni. Even orang tua pun tak penat macam kita. Respect sama lu Pakcik! Hyper active Pakcik!

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