Friday, March 12, 2010

I Miss You

I miss my friends.
I miss you all.
You all miss me or not?
Looking at those pictures makes me remind of our memories during the secondary school.
So much fun. Back then, we were so innocent and naive.
I miss every second that we spent together during form 3.
Class 3 ceria was the most exciting and memorable class that I ever have.
Many bittersweet memories. Of course, more sweet memories than the bitter one :D
Some of the 'anjing putih dan hitam'. Not going to mention it. But I still dislikes them.
There you go, the gorgeous girls :D

Oh, look at us. So yoooung and naives ;p

She's trying to eat that girl's hair. What a big mouth u have. Lol

Timah, u look so funny! Smiling from ear to ear. Hohoho :p

Went to swim at Ulu Kenas, Intan took this picture and she didn't join us swimming cos she's having P****d.

Atiqah elder sister's wed.

This one, I don't remember what occasion. Hari raya maybe cos all wearing baju kurung :)

SK Idris open day. We got free pen with calendar in it.

And.. save the best for the last la!!
Jeng jeng jeng

Midah's slutty & bitchy photo. Hahaha. Wanted photo!
Can't stop laughing. Actually she wanted to pose like a model but at last she turned up looking bitchy!

When will we hang out again? Hmmmphh.. *Sigh

PS/ Congratulation to my cousin sister, See Wann for getting 5A+, 3A and 2A-
You're so clever and yet pretty too. Keep it up! ;) Heep heep Hooray!

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