Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm pregnant!!!

I had a dream the day before yesterday. I don't know that was a sweet dream or a nightmare. I dreamt that I was pregnant! In that dream, I was pregnant for about 3 to 4 months and not even a person knew about it. Of course, I was good in putting disguise. I also don't know who's the father of the baby.

I saw primary school kids with their teacher in that place. I also saw the guy who I had crush on. He was yelling my name from the pool. He was wearing swimming trunk and he had six packs (wow, sexy hunk ^.^ ). But in reality, he don't have it. LOL. I started to run away from him. I was very disappointed with him. Hmm..

That's it. I don't know what's my dream all about.

My sister's friend told her that anyone who had a dream about baby is not a good sign. The meaning behind the dream is that there will be 'siu yan' or small people. So funny the direct translation sounds.

Okay, since I don't know what's the meaning of my dream, I took an initiative to search the meaning of it. This is what I found from

If you are not showing, but know you are pregnant, think of this symbolically and ask yourself if there is some idea that you've conceived but are not 'showing' to the world? Is there something hidden inside you, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be given some attention and time to develop?
( I think this is kinda true. Currently, I'm stress to make choices about what course should I take. I have many ideas and questions in my brain. And the last line, hehehe I have no clue)

If you are close to delivery, this usually means that something you've been planning or thinking about is close to materializing in the waking world.

If you are giving birth, think about what happens when a woman gives birth: there is pain, followed by new life. In this case, this could indicate something in your life that will be painful to deal with but will ultimately give you great joy. Or it could mean that there is something you want to bring into the world which will be as life changing as giving birth. Whatever it is, the good news is that it is a natural event, something spontaneous and filled with life.

If you have already given birth, are you taking care of what you brought into the world or has it been abandoned? Look at your life and see if there is something that needs some nurturing, some part of yourself that means a lot to you, but you haven't been taking care of--a project, a relationship, anything. Ask yourself why this isn't being addressed, ask yourself what is more important that your own creation.

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