Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Alice.

I am proud that I managed to wake up today to go jogging. I am so proud of myself :') Hahaha. Allow me to compliment myself because only once in a blue moon I wake up early in the morning to go jogging. Enough of that, after I had 5 round of fast walking and 1 round of jogging, I went to gerai cik pah for my breakfast. After I parked my car and while I was walking towards to the stall, suddenly my legs went weak and I sprained my ankle. I thought that it will hurt just for a while so I ignored bout it.

Few hours later, my ankle still hurts. Instead of hopping around the mall, I walked like cacat people. I seret-seret my legs. I know, I looked so ugly. I and M kept laughing at me. I don't care. My ankle hurts. I think I look cool walking like that and you guys jealous cos I'm 'special'. Not many people can walk like that ;) auwww

We watched Alice In Wonderland. This movie kinda disappoint me. I thought it will be much better but it's not. We went to Kbox afterwards. Kara Kara karaoke :D

PS/ My ankle still hurts right now. Haish... :(

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