Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yo yo Check it out!

Nothing much to talk about. Basically, I am lazy to type ;)

I found this picture from the guy who add me as his friend on facebook. I think it is quite interesting for me.

What do you think?

I have the geli-geli feeling after looking at this picture. I don't know whether if it's real or not. From the thumbnail preview, I thought it was like some kind of 3d tattoo that looks real.

The guy who add me said that this picture was captured at the hospital and his friend's hand accidentally got into the glass cutting machine. And and he kept bluffing some of the innocent and naive girl friends not to eat nasi tomato or else your hand will end up become like this. Hey you the guy who add me, do you really think that your friends are 3 year old kids? Noobs! Lol :D

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