Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dream comes true.

I gotta prepare law interview questions. Zzz. I'm very lazy to do all this stuff. I know it's important. Therefore I must be hardworking doing all the research!!! Who knows I might be call for an interview, right? Hopefully, I will be accepted into famous law school and become a rich & famous lawyer one day.
Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best!!! :)

I already started to imagine I got into IPTA eg. UM,USM,UPM,UKM,UTM. And Intan also got the same university with me. We might be roommates too. Yeay. It must be fun. Both of us won't be alone cos we have each other. We can take care of each other. We can go back and go wherever we want together. We can back-up each other. Sometimes we might get roommates that we don't like such as they are dirty (did not take care of their hygiene), very bitchy, busy body, backstabber and etc. Please prevent this kind of people far far away from me.
Please attract kind, nice, sweet, caring, loving, lovely, funny people near near me.

I hope universe can hear me and let my dream comes true.

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  1. HEHE 'THE SECRET' influence u la ni