Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gossip KK

I called my sis just now. She told me someone stalked her. Her loser ex boyfriend current girlfriend was the one who stalked her. She told me maybe that bitch google my sis's name 24/7.

So I tried to google my name too. And to my horror, I found my form 5 scout's friend. He blogged about me. He said that I'm his gossip KK. Euww... He even posted my photo with my friends too.

Plus he said that I'm fat already. So sad :( Furthermore, one of his friend said that 'I'm a shemale.'
Double my sadness. Why he said such things bout me. Am I look like a drag queen? :( :(


  1. ini memang hot story!!
    cepat la crite kat i!!

  2. sure. i will tell u when i see u.

  3. hahaha celah mane shemale nye?