Friday, April 23, 2010

Life of a housewife

Mushi mushi, I have Munsyi test tomorrow. Wish me luck peeps.
I must remember to imagine myself in the situation when I'm answering the questions.
What should I wear? Berpakaian kemas? I'm lazy to wear baju kurung. Too nerdy right. LOL

Sneak peak of my life.
Went to the garden to check out the flowers while waiting time to pass by before we had claypot chicken rice at Bercham.

They had plant it for almost 30years and the tauke told us this tree or bonsai cost RM10-RM20K.
I also want to plant it!

My first orchid, bought it from the garden. RM7

Fusilli mak nyonya tomyam. This is my first time cook it.

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