Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moustache Partaaaay

As we got out from Guardian, we found this

It caught our attention.
Furthermore it just cost 50cent each, of course we have to buy it cos it is so interesting.
So, we bought it and have fun with it.

The Casanova

The Bandit

The Scoundrel

Seriously, who knows 50cent worth moustache can makes us laugh out loud and had so much fun. Thank you, MOUSTACHE. You really make our day great.

:) Lets have moustache partaaay part 2 when our friends have their semester break.


  1. gile la kome ni .. ! hahhaa. xde keje en..?? intang yg paling semat skali . :)

  2. aah serius la kami tak ada kerja sbb dah buat smp mcmni. dah nak gila kot cuti lama sgt. lol

  3. haha intan paling comel kan mira?