Thursday, April 8, 2010

My first theater


Went to Kemuncak Seni 2010- SATU held at UPSI.
It was interesting and I started to like theater.
Congrats to my friend, Pengarah Teater : Razman Rashid.

Its time to begin the show.

I like this part. Got disco feeling. Can u see the 'black&wavy thing' in the pic? It's hair.

This one OK!

Introducing the casts behind Kemuncak Seni 2010.

Singing 'Visi dan Misi'. THE END!

Camwhoring time. LOL.

Yeah, I looked like a nerd. I can't see lar!

No more nerd. Hotstuff!

Omaigod, result from using MAC LIPGLOSS! haha

PS/ Lepas ni boleh la melayan teater dan jadi geng A.Samad Said. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I'm using 2.0mp camera phone only :( anyone who's generous enough please gimme a camera!! Maybe a dslr?

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  1. nyanyi lagu negara ku kat I.Budaya sangat best..meremang bulu roma..