Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No regrets

We have carefully considered your application vis-a-vis applications from all other eligible applicants. Regrettably, however, I have to inform you that your application has not been successful. I hope that you would appreciate the fact that admission to our undergraduate courses is highly selective in view of the large number of applications we receive, and the limited places that we can offer to international students.

I appreciate the time and effort you have put in to submit your application and I thank you for your interest in our University. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your pursuit for higher education.

Dr Lalit Goel, PhD
Dean of Admissions
Nanyang Technological University

P/s : At least i tried and no regrets. Right?


  1. bukan rezeki jgk moy!
    UPM kot >.<

  2. BANYAKnya bukan rezeki aku :(

    yup, UPM HERE WE COME :)