Thursday, April 29, 2010

Semalam I call you, you tak answer

You kata you keluar pergi dinner...
:) enough with all of the singing. Only four of us will know. Tehehe

What can I say, today is a really really FUN night to me. I really have to blog about it.

Activities of the day :
  • Karaoke
  • Shopping
  • Ronda-ronda from south to north of Ipoh
  • Check out shemales (one of them do look like Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2009 & Winner of Sabah Model Search 2010, Miss Marie Baxter. She's damn pretty right and she's only 20. Same age just like me. I mean marie not the shemale)
  • Mcd

I wish I can hang out longer with you guys (Ayer, Adam & Intan) but our eyes don't allow us to do so. Eyes no longer can wide awake, cheek muscle cramped, laughing a lot till people will thought us crying instead of laughing. We're no longer hyper active as last time, no TIRED word exists in our dictionary. For now, it exist and won't extinct till the day we die. I do hope our friendship will remains eternity.

Ps/ Function at lempor after this. Cheek muscle cramped once again! :D Can't wait! Huhuhu


  1. aku tk pasan plak entry yang ni

    alaa kenduri kat lempor tk best;pp

  2. aku save as draft.

    yup yup. tak best.