Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piss off

I didn't get um law interview

Went to shave my eyebrow, the girl who works there ignored what I said, then she introduced to me empro eyeliner & she said the eyeliner I used is uneven, after that she introduced to me the make up remover. Without asking any permission from me she just wiped it onto my hand. Then she compared both of my hands. One hand is brighter than the other one. That’s because I always drive. Of course one of my hand is darker. Duh… she wanted me to buy the new make up remover, I said next time la currently I have one. What I cannot stand her is that she made disgusting face and left me there. Perghhh…. my eyebrow did not the look the same. My eyebrow on my left side is shorter and thinner :( but my mum said it look same.

My house is out of electricity till now. For 90minutes already. I don’t know what the heck has happen. Only few houses same row with my house is out of electricity. Damn it damn it. And one thing I really can't stand is that for this month only, my house is out of electricity for 3-4times. What the heck. Screw you tnb!

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