Monday, May 31, 2010

The power of prawn

I heard an interesting story today.

Prawn has the power to increase man's libido.
It works as a Viagra.

Interesting, right?

Is it true? I don't know. But it sounds very funny to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to mei.
Happy birthday to me.

So unbelievable. I turned twenty already :( My age starts with a big two. No more one. A new beginning. A new start. I hope I enjoy my twenties. Next year I'm legal. Lol. But first, u will turn legal first before me. You know who I'm talking about.

This year birthday I haven't eat a cake. A birthday cake. So sad. Although there's no big cake with 20 candles on it for me to blow, I wish I can indulge myself with a slice of cake. Please. Maybe I should go get one from gate cafe and eat it in front of tv. But I want secret recipe cake. Omg, I sound so sad. It's ok, it's ok, tomorrow I'm gonna eat secret recipe cake. Nom nom nom.
Although there's no big fruit cake for me, but I got a big pot of steamboat. Thanks to my friends for treating me steamboat. Because of you guys, I gained extra weights. Watching late night movie. Thank you buddies. Hahaha. I hope I don't gain any extra weights actually.

There's so many stories for me to spill out. But I'm too lazy to write it out cos I don't have the pictures with me. It's either with my friends and sis. I should get myself a camera soon. When I'm suddenly become hardworking, I will write it out. Promise. Hehehe.

Last but not least, I want to wish everyone who's born in May.
Happy happy birthday!
Christine- 5th of May
Grandma- 9th of May
Me- 18th of May
Ava(my newborn niece)- 19th of May
Wan nur amirah's mom- 20th of May
Dad- 21st of May
Wan nur amirah's dad- 23th of May
Mira's mom- 25th of May

Monday, May 10, 2010


I will go to KL 4.30pm today.
Tomorrow I will fly to Sabah 10.20am flight at LCCT.
Anyone who wants to send me, you are most welcome :D

I will try to buy souvenirs for everyone if there's still some money left in my purse. Hihi.

Bye bye friends.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


:( I can't sleep. So I wake up and online. Now it's already 5.20AM. I am sleepy right now. Please let me sleep okay or else I will turn into panda. Tsk tsk. I prefer to turn into vampire than panda. At least if i become vampire, I can meet other vampires eg Edward Cullen. Turn into werewolf also okay cos I will meet Jacob Black :) Oh, I like Black Mentor voice. Powerful vocal. Okay enough with all the crap. That means I'm sleepy.

Bye bye birdie.

A for ___!


I hang out with someone who I shouldn't hang out. It's not that I purposely want to hang out with A. But A suddenly came. Luckily A didn't speak, move or make fun too much. I prefer if you don't talk and move so much. Hahahaha. Omg omg omg. SO unbelievable!!! Just don't say hi to me whenever You see me. So embarrassing. Paiseh paiseh.

Oh well, this A I'm talking about is not the other A. The other A is QUITE annoying too. Hmmphhh.

And then there's one guy who is skinny with long hair wants me to send him back home. His house is near my house. I know your hair is long, but you don't look like Jason Castro or Steve Aoki. Instead of looking like them, you look like Saiful Apek. So I ignored him. Then when I wanted to leave, he kept asking me. Haish. Wtf. I don't want to fetch you. Who knows what you will do to me right? I barely know you too. Silly me, I agreed to fetch him. He laughed and said "I asked you just for fun. I wanted to know your response". &%$@#$%*&!

What a day!

Luckily I got you to entertain me :)

Haiya, can't play his video here. Watch in YouTube ok.
You know what, the first question I will ask him when I meet him is
"Does your hair smells good?"

Omg, I want to belai-belai his rambut laaaaa. LOL! :D

Apa bah?

Oh yes. I will go to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for 5days only. 12th-17th of May :)
I am super duper excited right now. Coconut, seafood, orang utan, crocodile, Manukan Island, island & island :DD hihihi. The uncoolest thing is that I have to spend RM398 on my Airasia flight ticket. Geez, I thought I can travel with MAS RM399 only. Plus they provide free food too. It only costs extra RM1, of course I prefer MAS. Bigger aeroplane, more comfy seat and free food. The size of the aeroplane doesn't matter to me because I am such a small-short-but-fat girl. I do not have any difficulty travelling with smaller aeroplane (smaller seat). Because the MAS online booking got problem, haish.. there you go my chance to get free food. Now I have to travel with Airasia. But it's okay. It's okay.

Saaaaabaaaahhhhhhhh, hereeeeeeeee I comeeeeeeeee!!!! (shout out loud with echoooo) :D :D :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ala bencinya aku dekat kau. Kau ni sangat kacau line la. Tak suka betul. Ingatkan seronok bila kita dapat bersembang, tengok-tengok tak seronok langsung. Kau menghampakan aku. Aku bengang gila la dekat kau. Kau blah la pergi jauh-jauh. Padahal kau memang jauh pun. Aku tunggu kau habis urusan kau dengan sabar. Baca blog yang lawak, gelak-gelak aku pun gelak tak ikhlas. Ingatkan habis dah urusan, tengok-tengok tak habis-habis juga. Ish, bencinya aku dekat kau. Kau blah la pergi jauh-jauh. Jangan dekat dengan orang-yang-takcool-takbest-takfunny-takgorgeous-takbeautiful-ini.

Ok, aku baru saja dimalukan. Grrrr geramnya aku. Terasa nak gali lubang dalam-dalam, masuk dalam lubang itu dan tutup. Bongok kau. Kau ingat kau ini bagus sangat. Cakap itu ini tak bagus. Sudah lama sangat itu sebab tak suka. Lepas itu nak bagi secara percuma dekat aku. Padahal benda itu tak sesuai dengan kau.

Apahal aku geram, benci sangat pada orang lain ni? Padahal sudah lepas hari datang haid.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sucks. I'm sick. Fever and sore throat. Feeling tired all the times :(

But I'm going to feed you with a story.
Past few days, I helped my mum in the kitchen. While I was cutting the vegetables, I heard BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT. Sounds like the goat in farmville. But this one is alive. Looks like my neighbour behind my house bela a goat. My mum, she was very excited and BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT . The goat replied her BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT.
My mum BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT then laugh out loud.

(-_-)" Sometimes I really cannot stand my mother.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just a zombie

LOL. This is extremely funny. Two thumbs up :D I accidentally found this in YouTube. I always karaoke this song. Never imagine this song will turn out to be like this. Check it out! VenetianPrincess & Nigahiga. I like Nigahiga, he's cute and his videos are very hilarious too.

Extreme headache and nausea

Went to bed. Trying to sleep.
Felt that something stuck inside my throat.
Ignore the nausea feeling.
Trying to sleep.
Went to toilet to vomit.
Buergkkkk..... (Puke sound)
Went to bed. Trying to sleep again.
Went downstairs and swallowed a panadol.
Trying to sleep...

PS/ I am feeling much better right now.
I wonder my headache and nausea were cause by the 2 days in a row sleeping very late and the egg from the kenduri. Why I always have headache? Or is it migraine? I don't know :(

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't labour too much

Happy Labour Day to all the workers in the world. For me, I didn't enjoy this day because I'm still a student. Pity you all, Labour day fall on Saturday. As if you all don't have real Labour day.

And oh ya, don't labour too much.

Ps/ I just knew that lmao stands for laugh my ass off (-_-") I'm so outdated. Tsk tsk

My simpsons avatar

Is my avatar cute? Hehe. If you're interested, click here
:) Goodluck!