Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something that makes you can't think rationally

MFJ who's heartbroken said,
What is love?
Love is like an ice-cream.
When you want it and eat it, it tastes so good.
When it's finish, it's finish.

I think that,

Love is like a cup of coffee.
Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's bitter.
It's the best when you can taste sweetness in the bitterness.

Love is indescribable.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first medical check up

Lately, I'm quite busy. So many things to do before enter university. Today I woke up very early and did medical checkup. This is my first time to do x-ray, urine test and etc. I have to be half naked during x-ray session. Seriously I'm embarrassed! Not because of my boobs but it's my tummy. Flabby fatties tummy. Some more got useless extra spare tyres. Shame shame. And I had to do x-ray twice because the first x-ray was not forming.-_-" Later, an old Ah Soh gave me a small beaker. I had to pee into it. When I entered the toilet, I was thinking how to do that. Well, I don't think I have to elaborate more. Very embarrassed when I put the beaker filled with yellowish liquid on the table. That Ah Soh showed a lazy look and yawned. Haha.
Other than that, I did weigh and measure height. Hate to know my real weight and height. Really disappointing me. I'm sure every girls do share the same feeling.

Tomorrow never dies.
Tonnes of works I have to settle tomorrow before I can relax myself.
R-e-a-l-l-y can't wait to hang out with bffs before I enter university.
So girlfriends, spare some time to have some fun with me! ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know I am a woman

Saya akan menjejakkan kaki ke menara gading!!!

Unfortunately, it's not my dream university. In this life, we can't get everything that we want. At first, I was sad. But hey, as long as I get university then it's okay. For your information, I will become an engineer. I've been offer Polymer Engineering course. I hope I can handle this course. Never in my mind I will got this course.

In CLEO magazine, there's an article that sounds like this

You know you are a woman when...
As a girl you used to look for a job that will make you happy.
As a woman you will fine happiness in your work, whatever it is.

I want to become a woman. I like my course and university. I like everything in my work :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

IPTA for me!

Dup dup... dup dup... dup dup...
Dup dup dup... dup dup dup... dup dup dup...

I am SO nervous right now.



Goodluck to me!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Embarrassing moment

U-uncle, m-me, M-mom, G-grandma.

U : When the result will be out?
m : 18th of June
U : Emm...What do you get for your PA? A aaaaa or...? (He was trying to say A-, and he seems hard to believe that I got an A)
m : I got A
U : Oooh, *nodding his head* what about maths?
m : I got B (He's trying to remember what other subjects I took)
U : Physics?
m : B-
U : What's the another one? biology?
m : No, chemistry. *yawn*
U : So, what u applied?
m : Chemical engineering, statistics and law. I know law is quite difficult to get. But I just give it a try.
U : Oh chemical engineering eh. Emmm okayyy.

Few minutes later,

G : Eh U, last time your result is not that very good right. What's your grades?
U : *wide eyes, shocked and disbelief. and then trying to cover* I got 1b, 3c. Last time is very difficult compared to now. Now is much easier.
M : Really? No way, it's the same right!
U : No no no, now the syllabus is very easy already. Last time very difficult woh! Very tough! Very hard!

I was trying to focus in my sudoku, but at last I was listening to their talking. Hide my face behind the newspaper and trying hard not to laugh.

Conclusion :
Whatever la uncle, you didn't take science subjects. Takpe, I bagi you menang. Just, don't underestimate people too much okay. Don't be orang yang sombongberlagakpandaitapibodoh. SO embarrassing :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I want a makeover!!!! I'm planning to change my hairstyle. My hairstyle is so boring and ugly. I think it's been quite awhile I didn't cut my hair cos i want to let my hair grow long. Ohhhh i really want to chop my hair off. When i was 17, i always experiment with new hairstyle, so like once every 3 months i change my hairstyle. I became very confident and comfortable with myself after i had new haircut. i think i didn't cut or even trim my hair for a year already. I am really depressed cos not much changes happen to me. I'm lack of self confident.
:( I hate looking myself into the mirror. I'm planning to get a korean/japanese hairstyles. kawaii. haha. Dye my hair into brown color and perm it so that it become curly at the end of the hair.. but i did rebonding last 4 months. I'm scared that my hair will become unhealthy. Too much ironing and chemical. So, any suggestions on how to do my hair? I want a new fresh me before i enter university life :) slimmer, gorgeous, and probably taller? at least 160cm maybe. lols. Miracle can happen right or should I say that 'miracle WILL happen'.

18th of June. A very important date to me. It will determine my future. I further my studies in good university!!!! UPM, UM, UKM, USM, UTM. Please please please, any of you accept me!! My instinct tell me that UPM wants me! Hope my dream will come true :D Quanyin please bless me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Don't judge other if you don't want to be judge"

PS/ I heard it from flyfm :)