Monday, June 14, 2010

Embarrassing moment

U-uncle, m-me, M-mom, G-grandma.

U : When the result will be out?
m : 18th of June
U : Emm...What do you get for your PA? A aaaaa or...? (He was trying to say A-, and he seems hard to believe that I got an A)
m : I got A
U : Oooh, *nodding his head* what about maths?
m : I got B (He's trying to remember what other subjects I took)
U : Physics?
m : B-
U : What's the another one? biology?
m : No, chemistry. *yawn*
U : So, what u applied?
m : Chemical engineering, statistics and law. I know law is quite difficult to get. But I just give it a try.
U : Oh chemical engineering eh. Emmm okayyy.

Few minutes later,

G : Eh U, last time your result is not that very good right. What's your grades?
U : *wide eyes, shocked and disbelief. and then trying to cover* I got 1b, 3c. Last time is very difficult compared to now. Now is much easier.
M : Really? No way, it's the same right!
U : No no no, now the syllabus is very easy already. Last time very difficult woh! Very tough! Very hard!

I was trying to focus in my sudoku, but at last I was listening to their talking. Hide my face behind the newspaper and trying hard not to laugh.

Conclusion :
Whatever la uncle, you didn't take science subjects. Takpe, I bagi you menang. Just, don't underestimate people too much okay. Don't be orang yang sombongberlagakpandaitapibodoh. SO embarrassing :)

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