Friday, June 11, 2010


I want a makeover!!!! I'm planning to change my hairstyle. My hairstyle is so boring and ugly. I think it's been quite awhile I didn't cut my hair cos i want to let my hair grow long. Ohhhh i really want to chop my hair off. When i was 17, i always experiment with new hairstyle, so like once every 3 months i change my hairstyle. I became very confident and comfortable with myself after i had new haircut. i think i didn't cut or even trim my hair for a year already. I am really depressed cos not much changes happen to me. I'm lack of self confident.
:( I hate looking myself into the mirror. I'm planning to get a korean/japanese hairstyles. kawaii. haha. Dye my hair into brown color and perm it so that it become curly at the end of the hair.. but i did rebonding last 4 months. I'm scared that my hair will become unhealthy. Too much ironing and chemical. So, any suggestions on how to do my hair? I want a new fresh me before i enter university life :) slimmer, gorgeous, and probably taller? at least 160cm maybe. lols. Miracle can happen right or should I say that 'miracle WILL happen'.

18th of June. A very important date to me. It will determine my future. I further my studies in good university!!!! UPM, UM, UKM, USM, UTM. Please please please, any of you accept me!! My instinct tell me that UPM wants me! Hope my dream will come true :D Quanyin please bless me.


  1. hehe go with something new lah...LADY GAGA ke..
    tapi idea dye n perm tu not bad lah..comel...hihihihi...xpon buat wavy beso2 dr atas smpi bwh..mesti comel...

  2. wow wow. dye tu tak sure la, takot. perm je kot. aku suka rambut lady gaga warna putih dlm vid bad romance kot,yang cam kembang2 and wavy tu. rambut christina aguilera skg pun cantik, bouncy2. tapi mak aku ckp aku akan nampak mcm makcik nanti :(

    ps/jom bt rambut sama2 :DD hihihi

  3. yeke cm makcik...try la dulu..hehee

    aku nk biar pnjang lagi rambot...baru nk stylekan..aicehh...

    cuba google haircut2 yg seswai utk feature kamu...

  4. haritu dah google skit dah. tgh consider ni ;) tak cukup panjang ke rambut kamu tu? ok dah.