Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet dream

1st scene
Location : Airport
I'm in a mission of something. I'm walking very fast to the counter to check in. Suddenly I saw Aan, a friend of mine from Palembang. There's a guy sitting next to him. I kept talking to Aan without really looking at his friend.

Aan: Kamu mau ke mana?
I : Aku mau ke Palembang. Nanti aku cari kamu ya. Kamu ada gig?
Aan : Ya, nanti datang ke gig aku. Aku bawa kamu jalan-jalan.
I : I gotta go. See you next time.

2nd scene
Location : In a gig
The gig has been going on. Aan's friend is performing. I was walking down the stairs. He noticed my presence. He smiled. His eyes staring at me and mine stared at him.
I sat down.
His eyes kept looking for me, and yes, he found me. He started to sing acoustic and he stared into my eyes...
He told me that he like me from the 1st day he saw me...

-The End-

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