Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doing nothing in a new place is difficult

Staying at my bro's house, doing nothing. I am waiting for the call. Yesterday I went for the interview, I hope everything will go well.

This afternoon I went to Pavilion with my friend from Unimap. Thought want to watch movie, but cinema is full. Ended up, eating desert at Snowflakes. Brain freeze because lots of ice! Then window shopping. Check out the shoes at Vincci suddenly the base of my sis in law shoe which I was wearing tercabut. I have to buy new shoe. Sliding around to look for new shoe, bought a navy blue shoe for RM75. I saw Amber Chia there too buying Vincci shoe. So cheap. LOL. Ok that RM75 shoe bite my feet, damn it. Quite expensive and it's not comfortable. So not worth it! :( I bought Sticky candy for Rm19.90. I spend RM100++ today. Heart hurts cos now I am broke :( For me who don't have much, 100 ringgit is a lot!! Spent RM100++ for something that is not too useful. Should spend my money more wisely before I got any work.

I miss my mom, home, my bed and my other half one. :(

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