Thursday, May 12, 2011

Home sweeeet home!

From the title it's obvious that I'm at home. Finally! I can bath for long hours, wash my hair, remove all the dirts and smell the smell of my bathroom. My hostel bathroom is still OK but toilet, phewww, you cannot breathe when you are in it. Lol lol. So glad to be at home. Words just cant describe my feelings. And yeah i am surfing the net from the living room then my mum who is laying on a sofa suddenly ask me a question.

"Are you couple with him?" smiling sheepishly.
Me errrrrr and keep on laughing "Why don't u guess"
Mum "If you want me to guess, that means both of you are couple".


"Have both of you ever kiss?" Omgg.. I said no! Mum LOL. Shame shame.
I ask her whether she's mad with me for dating him, she said she's not mad. She just wants me to focus in study and do not get distracted.

I'm just glad that mum knew bout it. I am planning to tell her soon, but yeah I'm not ready. Nervousssss yawww!  So, everything is ok. So glad to be at home and so glad mum are ok with me and him. :)


Love you mum and him. :D

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