Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anxiously waiting

My sis in law is expected to give birth either tonight or tomorrow. She's in the Hospital Slim River right now. Anxiously waiting. Me as an auntie also nervous, what about my brother and the future mommy? For sure they will be more nervous.   

If the baby comes out tonight before 12a.m, he's gonna be Merdeka baby. The advantages are he will get a certificate and presents from the hospital. But, my mum told me according to the Chinese calender, if the baby comes out today, his Chinese birth date will clash with my sis in law's Chinese birth date and it's not that very good. I am not sure about that, so no matter the baby will come out tonight or tomorrow, I just wish the baby and my sis in law will be alright. That's the most important. 

I wonder how the baby will look like. His eyes, nose, mouth, hair, skin tone and etc will follow my sis in law or my brother? Aihhhhh, can't wait. 

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