Thursday, August 25, 2011

So sick

So sick of love song, so tired of tears. *am i right? taram je lyrics. LOL

I'm sick for few days. Yesterday I already recover from fever but after the buka puasa and karaoke session. I had fever again. Swallow panadol ( I had to :( ) and straight away went to sleep, off the fans and cover myself with blanket. But before I sleep, text my dear let him know that Im sick.


coconut moon head, you're ready? since everybody got a pride...


Mr C call. I think he was mai-mai and still asked my condition. Seriously I had to push my ear hard against the phone so that I can understand to what he said. Btw, I was touched :')

Today my cough and flu are getting worst. I have to rely on... these two. Hope I will feel better tomorrow.

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