Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello kids.

Word of the day is

English : Mother poker
Bahasa Malaysia : Poker mak 


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Basically got nothing to blog about. I am stuck in the house for few days. Got nothing to do. Not yet go to my friend's open house. My sis in law still haven't give birth, and I suppose to meet him tomorrow. But.... now long story. Haiz he's not coming tomorrow. Postpone to next Monday or........ maybe will postpone till next Saturday??? (the day I go back to Perlis and we will meet each other there) wuarggggghhhhh :'( 

Helloooooo!!!! It's already been 46 days we didn't meet each other. The feeling is like my heart being stab by a knife. Few times. I know I am very 'qua jeong'. It means overreact. Hopefully tomorrow I will fly away from the cage.

And there's something bothering in my mind. Shouldn't think too much about it. Hmm...

Goodnight peeps.